Newt’s Gamble Could Mean our Freedoms


Based on my observations, it seems to me that Newt Gingrich is exhibiting the behaviors and characteristics of a gambling addict by deciding to stay in the GOP race. He has chosen to completely disregard the fact that he has not proven to be a viable contender. The problem here is that his wager is our Country and our freedoms, which are being torn away little by little by Obama and his minions. Newt; stop gambling with our freedoms and our Country!

Newt just like a gambling addict is anticipating that he will eventually hit the mother load win that will send him into Presidential orbit. A gambling addict will lose everything they have and whatever they can obtain from others to chase that next big win. The big problem here is that Newts betting with our freedoms.

Every game that he refuses to step away from the table he fuels Mitt Romney’s advancement to the nomination. If Newt would leave the table it would give Rick Santorum all of the Conservative vote; this would most likely discourage and destroy Romney’s campaign.

Newt not dropping out of this race alarms me and causes me to not trust him even more than before. I am hoping that Gingrich can resist the lime light and show some self control by dropping out of the race for the sake of our freedoms and our Country.

Help Rick Santorum win the Republican Nomination


2 comments on “Newt’s Gamble Could Mean our Freedoms

  1. Nice work, yet I think we can still win this with or without newt in the race. In order to achieve triump one must scarfice and speak the truth which Rick Santorum has done and will continue to do. Mitt Romney is a real liberal and out of touch with the america voters needs. The people who vote for him must be liberal because why else does it explain him getting any of the conservative vote.

  2. Santorum is the one who should have dropped out before SC and FL. Rick cannot beat Obama as he cannot effectively communicate and uses this race as a pulpit, sticking his foot into his mouth continuously. He lost his last race in PA by 18 pts (and Indies by 40 pts). Dems are voting for him because he IS the weakest candidate. I stand by Newt who is the only one Obama is fearful of, the only one who can articulate who Obama is, what he has done to this country, the only one who can beat Obama in a debate and in the general! To the Convention!

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